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Trail Updates as of 1/21/2019
Trail 8 Mohawk Hill: Use Caution!! There are three bridges on this section of trail. The middle bridge is there but is under about two feet of water. The bridge to the west has one of the approaches washed out. There is a trail to reroute around it 
TRAIL 1 to Sutliff: CLOSED. Just received word from Jo Co Conservation that, due to ongoing construction it will be closed all season. The gate has been shut. Do not open and use the trail. There are numerous obstacles in the trail. The only way to get to Sutliff from the west is the trail along 140th St (trail 5)
Highway 965 – From Swan Lake Road to Swisher Black top is not marked. Ride with caution.
HWY 30 – On the South side of the highway between Jappa Road and Old River Road the stakes are in but is not signed all the way. The north side is signed.
Norway to Blairstown – Use Caution – Trail is only marked half way. The last section to Blairstown is not marked.

Iowa Snowdrifter’s Received the following awards this year:

2017 ISSA Snowmobile Club of the Year                          2018 ACSA Snowmobile Club of the Year