Club Equipment

 Main Groomer

The Snowdrifters main groomer is a 2014 Prinoth TG with a mogul Master Drag . The TG unit was brand new in 2014 and completely computer controlled. The front blade is an 8 way snow blade. The snow processor has 7 blades for clearing the moguls off the trail.

Secondary Groomer

Club Name: Dewey

Dewey is a 1969 Bombardier SV-200 snow-grooming machine. Equipped with six different levers to operate its single blade rear drag, front blade and two more levers to control the two independent tracks.

The engine is a 250 Ford 6-cylinder which has received several modifications over the years. These modifications include a conversion to an electronic ignition, refitted carburetor from a 1986 F-150 truck and a head from a 1982 Cougar that’s been ported and decked for higher compression. This drives a beefed up C-4 transmission which is cooled by a B&M oil cooler with an electronic fan. The hydraulics were modified to provide float capability where needed so it can maneuver over driveways without damaging the drag.

Last year (09/10) Snowdrifters groomer operators groomed 543 miles!

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Small Trail Groomer

The club’s small trail groomer is a 1980 Ski-doo Alpine 640cc twin track snowmobile with a 4′ x 8′ home built drag.  The drag has 12 volt linear actuator on it to raise the front blades or rear pan independently.

Club Name: Alf

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Groomin 2010 001  


The Club owns 5  mowers. Some are stock while others have been modified to fit club needs.

The Batwing a 10′ brush mower that we hook to rental tractors 


Purchased in Oct 2011

Ditch Barber 1 a  4′ wide ATV mower (3 blades)

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Ditch Barber 2   4′ wide ATV mower (single blade)

Trail Flail a 58″ flail mower custom built

Joe Latta with trail flail 3
Joe Latta with trail flail 3

A custom built ATV pull behind mower designed and built by Mel Rinehart in 2008.  It is equipped with a 24 HP Honda V-Twin engine and makes a 58” cut.  It uses Alamo-Mott flails and will eat just about anything you can drive over with the ATV.

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 The Holder – A front end mower


The Holder is a 4 wheel, articulated, 4 wheel drive power unit manufactured in Germany, with a front mounted, PTO drive, 88” Alamo super heavy duty flail mower. It is equipped with a 65 HP 3 cyl turbo diesel and was acquired by the club in August of 2004.