Trail Conditions and Warnings

2020 Trail Updates
  •  965 Trail – Telephone poles are being replaced along 965. There are telephone poles spread along throughout the right of way. Please use extreme CAUTION.
  •  Highway 30 is only marked on the north side of the highway from Jappa Road to the Cedar River. Please ride with CAUTION and Iowa Code states that after dusk you must ride with traffic.
  • Johnson County Conservation has asked we FOLLOW the rules below on the following trails: Cedar River Crossing Trail, Hoover Trail from Solon Nature Recreation Area to Highway 382, and the Mehaffey Bridge Trail from Cedar Springs (North Liberty city limits) to the Mehaffey Bridge. We hope you will respect these rules and help us maintain access to these multi-use trails.
    • A minimum of 4 inches of snow cover required to use a snowmobile on the trail.
    • No studded tracks.
    • 15 mph speed limit.

Be safe out there if you decide to ride and if you identify any areas that are not well marked please let us know.

Remember towns do not want you tearing it up when riding inside their city limits. This is a sure fire way to lose the access. Towns can and do pass ordinances that block your riding. Iowa code does not grant you access to towns.
Local weather forecast
STAY ON THE TRAILS OR STAY HOME! We have had some issues in local towns.

Ely – When entering town and going to Odie’s Bar & Grill, please park behind the City Hall Building. They is no trail directly to Odie’s. City residents are not happy with the amount off of trail riding.

Shueyville – Please follow the designated trail. Snowmobilers are trespassing through fields North of Shueyville. Please see photo below.

Trail Updates as of 2/22/2019
Trail #5 ,east of Polk avenue, NW of Solon.will be impacted. Approximately 1/2 mile of trail #5 east of Polk ave will be narrowed down and limited to the area along the fence line running east/ west. Use caution. Extra signage will hopefully take place Feb 10th.
Trail 8 Mohawk Hill: Use Caution!! There are three bridges on this section of trail. The middle bridge is there but is under about two feet of water. The bridge to the west has one of the approaches washed out. There is a trail to reroute around it 
TRAIL 1 to Sutliff: CLOSED. Just received word from Jo Co Conservation that, due to ongoing construction it will be closed all season. The gate has been shut. Do not open and use the trail. There are numerous obstacles in the trail. The only way to get to Sutliff from the west is the trail along 140th St (trail 5)
Norway to Blairstown – Use Caution – Trail is only marked half way. The last section to Blairstown is not marked.
12/10/2016 New reroute for Tiffin due to the city making updates to the main road in town. It is to dangerous to ride along HWY 6 at the main intersection. Please follow the new route. If you need gas or want food you can still get into town. Just be safe.

From the 2010/2011 season

Enjoy the trails but please remember to be respectful of private property. The trails are a privilege we do not want to lose.


2/9/2011 We have received a complaint that people are riding on the county walking trail that was just completed from 76th Ave into the new Ely city park. This area is off limits however there are snowmobile tracks on the walking trail and there are signs clearly posted on the gates to the trail that have a snowmobile with a red line through it. If you know of the guilty party please let them know that this is an easy way for us to lose our privileges of riding through Ely. Any help here to prevent this is appreciated.

12/17/2010 Drive slow on the field trails from 965 to Ely. This is chiseled ground and until we get some snow this will be bumpy. The other option is to take the road.

12/14/2010 At Scales Bend Marina/Bobbers please look out for the wave breakers when entering and exiting the lake. The positioning of the docks is a little different this year than last.  Please go out the ramp past the breakers and do not ride over them.  Bobbers has marked most of wave breakers every 50′ except for the very end. They are waiting until the ice thickens. These will be hard to see until they are marked.

Farmers have tiled a lot of fields this year. Stay on the trails to avoid a sudden jump! 

Watch out going through Western (just north of Shueyville). The trail is marked to avoid the culvert.

Trail 3

Cedar Rapids – heading south on 965

The City of Cedar Rapids did work on 965 heading south toward North Liberty. The construction left several pieces of silt fence. The fences are marked but this entire ditch was filled with snow last year so make a point to look for these markings, some may get buried. Riders should pay close attention. In the long run this is a benefit to the club but for this year, watch out!

North Liberty:

Trail 1
Note for this year, Please stay on the marked trails.  There had been sleds taking a short cut near the Centro factory.  See the picture.  Stay on the marked trail or stay home.

Click for larger View

NOTE:We had several complaints about snowmobilers riding where they really shouldn’t be last year.
One of those places was the Country Estates to get up off Coralville Lake to Club 76 (the Lodge).  This is a Private area.  There was no snowmobile trail there and NEVER has been.  It doesn’t matter that “you always rode through there” it was still wrong.  Stay out of there.  If you are riding on the lake you can get off at Mehaffey Bridge and come up the marked trail.  Here is a picture of the area.

Thanks go to everyone for helping with this issue.  After posting signs to not use this trail the number of snowmobiles cutting through this area has dropped to near zero.
Thank you from all of the residents there.

NOTE: Another problem was in Solon.  Sleds were riding through town from Joensy’s going west to the sports complex.  This isstrictly forbidden.  The only trail in and out of Solon is on the east side of town coming in past the Mustang BP station and down the alley to Joensy’s.  It goes no further than Joensy’s.  Many years ago there was a trail coming out to the west but is has not existed for a very long time.  We lost that trail due to the bad actions of sledders so stop using it as if it still exists.  It doesn’t.  Please see the picture below.
Obey the rules and follow the trail markings or STAY HOME.

Click for larger image

There is lots of trail work done every year by too few people.  Perhaps you could contact the club at and volunteer to help.
Thank you for your support.

13 thoughts on “Trail Conditions and Warnings”

  1. Rode the loop from Fairfax, Atkins, Norway and Wlford last night. So-so in some fields, had to take ditches in spots. Please be advised, there ar lots of fence posts in some ditches. Be careful!

  2. From Fairfax, I rode to Walford and back the to Atkins. Walford trail is pretty good and I think enough snow and powder. THe ride to Atkis was good as well with pleanty of snow in the ditches. Plowed corn fields were OK could use some more base snow but not horrible. Some open fields had great snow in as well.

  3. Club road goes in front of Shueys and heads north to Western. The house is obvious and is easy to avoid by going to the other side of the street ,which I did when I went riding Tuesday. This is easier than making this person upset. The key is to be respectful no matter what happens. Some people do not want someones sled in “their” right of way. It is best to practice avoidance.

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