Trail Work

All trail work is done by volunteers organized by the club. Without your support to Snowdrifters, these trails would not exist. Check out some of the work below and more picture are on our Facebook page.

Trail work for the fall of 2014 is in progress. Contact to see what you can do to help.

Check out our Facebook page to see what work is happening. The posts below are being left up but all new pics are going to Facebook since it is easier to use. 

 Fall 2012 work

October 23rd, 2012 – Mowing has been completed on the 965 trail, mowing and widening of trail 1a around McBride is complete, trail 4a behind the ATV park has been widened and mowed. Work continues. Pictures are being posted on Facebook.

Fall 2011 work

March 18th – Signs are being taken down and stored until fall.

December 10th – Finalizing of marking going on this weekend. The ground is frozen a few inches deep and ready for snow. We are still looking at improving the Ely route in and out of town.

November 27th – We have had a few signs stolen. This is very problematic for riders who can be surprised by stops or cautions. If you see anyone stealing signs please email us at

November 19th – Fixing of the Solon Heating bridge, putting in tubes by the ATV park and marking trails near Fairfax.


November 14th – Trail work near Oxford. Thanks Brian S.


November 13th – Trail work near Blairstown. New bridge built. Thanks Jeff W and Rob B.

November 7th – Mowing near Fairfax


November 4th – new bridge put in in a big divot made by spring rains. It was 48″ wide and 3 feet deep. It would have hurt on a sled.  Mowing continues ….

November 1, 2011 – Who needs a sign…..

October 27 2011 Trail mowing is going well. The new mower is being put to good use and the trail flail is being run hard. Get ready for a good season!!/photo.php?fbid=2152785895255&set=o.184930018201919&type=1&theater

Oct 2011. Mowing has been completed from North Liberty towards Solon.  Clearing of trail 4a south of the ATV park  and trail 8 is completed. Work behind the causeway has started. One fence jumper was removed earlier and a gate replaced it. Today (Oct 9th) the second fence jumper was replaced with a gate. Picture below. A few fallen trees we moved.  More pictures on facebook. There is more work to do.

Sept 2011 – trail work was completed  on trail 8 and 4a, mainly clearing of brush and down trees.

The video below is Scott pulling down a partially fallen tree. There are more pics on facebook

July 2011 – Mel and Thayne went to each bridge and identified their GPS location. Mohawk hill is still to wet so those were skipped. There is a lot of work to do this year including fixing the bridge behind Solon heating (it went down stream again) and a lot of mowing. Please let us know if you can help.



Highlights from 2010

December 18th, 2010

The bridge by Solon Heating has been put back into place. Thanks go out to Chris Handley for bringing his toy excavator and thanks to the volunteers Don Miller, Mel Rinehart, Dean Miller and Scott Storck.

Dedicated Snowdrifters’ volunteers in 16 degree weather replace boards after Chris placed it back into a usable position.

December 14th, 2010

The bridge on 965 has been re-decked. Good enough for this Winter. Thanks to Doug Cole and Trent Rosekrans.

December 11th, 2010

Most of the work on the trials are done with some minor exceptions.   Evidently the beaver must not have liked the trail direction. Thanks for the picture Brian S.

The bridge going into Solon on the north side is off the side of the bank. Chris H is going to pull this out and reposition.

November 30th, 2010

Snowdrifters trail coordinator Doug Cole has decided to retire after several years in this role. If anyone is interested in coordinating the trails please come to the next meeting at Slims on the 9th. Doug did a great job and he will be missed in this role. He is still planning on maintaining his section of trail and doing some grooming.

November 27,2010

Trails have now been completely marked from North Liberty to Solon. Make sure to stay on these trails as they go through McBride park. Going off the trails and riding through the park is a sure way to lose this part of the trail.

November 22, 2010 update

New trails have been added to the northwest. This increases our trails by 70 miles. Great  job volunteers.

The trails around 600 acres have been marked.


November 21, 2010 update

Trail 3 along Vista road has been marked. A new culvert was put in Saturday. The fields in this area have been tiled so be careful not to get off the marked trail.


November 16,2010 update

The Board of Supervisors is looking to abandon some of the B service roads in the county. Trial Coordinators please review your areas and let us know if there are any B roads we run on in our trail system.

November 8, 2010 update

The picture above  is the trail work west of 600 acres on government land. Chris H. Todd, Ryan H, Chris S and a few other volunters fixed the path over the tubes.

The picture below is the re-route of trail 5 north of Solon. Please make sure to follow the new route.

October 5, 2010

Trail brushing and mowing is underway.  Some areas are ready to be marked.  Now is when help is needed.  We still have several areas that must be repaired before the season or some trails will be closed.  You can’t ride a trail that has a bridge missing.
Take a moment to contact us and see where we need your help.  Thanks!

September 4, 2010
Trail work is underway.  The water has receded enough to start working on areas that need repair.  If you have some spare time to help this is the year to step up.  The trail work has started later than normal this year due to the high water so we might be crunched for time getting the things done we need to do.  There is a trail change coming for trails 8 and 4 that will be pretty sweet when they’re finished.  Watch for the changes in the signage and on the new maps this year.  Be sure to stay on the trail.  We will be crossing new fields and we need to keep our respect for the landowner at the highest level possible.

The really big news is we are adding an additional 70+ miles to the trail system this year.  Some dedicated individuals have stepped up and will be opening up new trails on the western side of our system.  These new trails will be mainly cross country and will connect to more towns west and north of Blairstown.  This should be some great riding.

There is lots of work to be done cutting back brush so the new groomer can get through.  The new groomer is 8’4″ wide and taller than Dewey so we need to trim limbs and brush back.  The powered snow processor on this groomer can correct moguls in one pass what it took Dewey several passes to do.

Stay safe and prepare for a great winter.

July 24, 2010
Well it looks like it’s time to hit the trails again.  The real work goes on during the summer and we have more to do this year.  With the high water several trails that need work are under water and won’t emerge until late August.  That will leave very little time to get the repairs done.  We’ll need “all hands on deck” to get the repairs finished before the season starts.

There are a few other places where we need to make re-routes to improve the trails.  Three of these involve a considerable amount of brush clearing.
A good supply of volunteers will be needed to accomplish this.  If we don’t get enough people to help with this work the trails won’t be usable.  It’s up to you.

There are a couple of bridges out of place due to high water.  Those will take some manpower and heavy equipment to get back into place.  This work will center around when the equipment is available.  Quick reaction to the call for help will be necessary when this work is to be done.

The western portion of our trail system will expand by approximately 70 miles this year stretching north from Fairfax and west to Keystone.  Lots of help is needed to accomplish this task.
Contact us to see where you can help.  We can certainly use you.

If all this work can be achieved this year, and we don’t get high water again next year, this should complete the changes and upgrades to the trails so next year we won’t have any major work to do.  Only minor brushing and touch ups.  Thanks go out to those dedicated folks who are always there when trail work is done.
For the rest of the snowmobiling public, please take a moment and contact us to see where you can help.  Dedicating just one day on a weekend can make a huge difference.

If we are using any of them for recreation we need to let the BOS know about it now.