Wyoming Trip Jan 2017

Video and pictures from the Wyoming trip in spring 2017. A few Snowdrifters, the Saylorville Dam Snowmobile Club (SDSC) and a few others joined the trip. It snowed every day we were there for a total of over 6′ in the higher elevations. Down at 8,500 we got about a foot each day. Take a look at the picnic table in the pictures below from the beginning to end to see how much snow we got. Riding was by Dubios Wyoming starting at Lava Lodge. Thanks Tammy for setting this up. We had a great time.

Tammy’s action shot!
A view from the cabin every morning.

Yes Brett we have to move forward. The trail is somewhere under the snow if you can find it.



So much for the 137″ 1.35 track. To much snow for the Pro S. Had to rent a 155 2.6″ track Pro RMK. Best money spent so far.
Bradical enjoying the day.
Some of these wide open meadows were challenging when we had snow and wind. Thankfully they mark the trail every 100′ .
Who needs a warming hut?
Yes Tammy there was a log in the middle of the field that you found. Next time play the lottery.



One night of snow on the broom.
This picture shows the snow on the ground before we started the trip. 1/7/2017
This shows the snow on the last day of the trip. It was still snowing. 1/12/2107
Total bad a..
Next time more throttle.


Quit working…..

The Pro-S was fun until we got to about 2′ of new sugary snow.
Ray you might want to stay away from those trees.

One night of snow on the truck.

Thanks for setting this all up Tammy. Everyone enjoyed eating breakfast and dinner at the lodge.

How many technical people does it take to figure out a heated shield? 3 must be the answer.

The Pro-S sporting the Snowdrifters Sticker. Most of the time it was covered it snow…..


I am hunting jackalopes. Shhhhhh.

Derrick was not allowed to bring this home, according to the wife….
A smart way to travel to Wyoming for snowmobiling.

Maybe the new 850 would have made it – at least that what you need to tell Chuck. Tammy is standing on the back of her sled.
I don’t think these guys ever got tired of getting others unstuck.
Every morning view.

Is this why you carry a tree saw……